dental technology

In-house OPG

In keeping with providing our patients the most advanced up to date dental service available, we invest in the latest technology to ensure absolute results and satisfaction. Following this theory, Michael Adams utilises an In-house OPG. While you are standing, your chin gently rests on a small shelf so your head is stable. Taking only 12 seconds, an OPG scanning machine will travel in a semi-circle motion around your face. This produces a full panoramic image of your mouth, teeth and bone structure. This detailed x-ray is used for treatment planning for gum disease, complicated restorative procedures, dental implants and removal of wisdom teeth.

We can also use the OPG to perform x-rays on children’s teeth, to help diagnose early problems. It is recommended to take the first OPG at around 9 – 11 years of age to check if any emerging teeth are impacted or crowded and to check that all teeth are present. Early preventive action can then be taken and depending on the severity of the case, may prevent the use of orthodontic treatment later in adolescence.
Intra-oral Cameras
Our Intra-oral camera is a highly advanced piece of diagnostic equipment that allows you to see what we see inside your mouth on an overhead monitor. This enables us to show and explain in more detail exactly what needs to be done to resolve any dental problem, such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings and excessive wear.

The intra-oral camera handpiece has a built-in light source, and tiny video camera with 25 times magnification, allowing you to be an active participant in your dental treatment, so you can make informed treatment decisions with confidence.


intra-oral camera handpiece


Twilight Sedation – Sleep Dentistry
We offer our patients IV sedation (Twilight Sedation otherwise known as Sleep Dentistry). Patients who undergo IV sedation remain conscious but often don’t remember much about what went on while they were sedated. While under IV sedation, most people experience a state of deep relaxation and partial or full memory loss from the time when the drug begins to take hold until it wears off.

It is not uncommon for some people to become anxious about their impending dental treatment. With the advancements in dentistry, pain relief options we hope to make sure your appointment is a comfortable and relaxing visit.

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