Wisdom Teeth Impaction

Commonly known as third molars; wisdom teeth are the last teeth to emerge and tend to come through between the ages of 17 and 25. For some people, the eruption of wisdom teeth may go unnoticed. While for others they can create a whole range of oral and general health concerns.

The main problem that occurs with wisdom teeth is when they become impacted. This means they have developed at an angle and become trapped either against other teeth or trapped below the gum line and are unable to erupt through the gum.

It is estimated over 80% of wisdom teeth will need to be removed and as it is not possible to predict if or when they may cause a problem, it is advised to remove them earlier rather than later. Removal of wisdom teeth in older patients can be more difficult often resulting in a longer healing period.

wisdom teeth impaction

“In some cases it may be recommended to leave an impacted wisdom tooth this can only be assessed by your dentist or oral surgeon.”

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