Choose Your Shade Of White

teeth whiteningThere are many questions when our patients come to us for teeth whitening consultation. We would like to address your queries with the below mentioned answers.

Am I suitable to have my teeth whitened?

Almost everybody is suitable to have their teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is also well worth considering prior to any major dental work. This is so the colours used by the dentist on new restorations match the new brighter colour and not the old yellow one.

Will teeth whitening work? How much lighter will my teeth become?

Great results can be achieved, usually 6-8 shade changes. Surprisingly the darker yellow colours often come up the brightest. Some stain, such as tetracycline stains [permanent blue/grey stain cause by antibiotics ingested at a young age], is very difficult to remove or whiten. There are, however, some newer techniques available that can help with these types of staining.

How long will it last?

The procedure may need to be repeated every 5-10 years. This is to counteract the darker yellow colours caused by aging inside the tooth. It is a good idea to have a set of whitening trays to use at home. These help to freshen the effects of tea, coffee, wine and other dark stain causing foods and beverages.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?

Teeth whitening is generally considered very safe if performed by a trained dental professional. The bleaching process does not permanently damage the teeth; however, it can temporarily dehydrate them. This is why it is necessary to avoid chromogenic [stain causing] foods over the first 48 hours following teeth whitening.


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