How Can Dentists Get More Exercise?

Because there are various treatments and procedures that dentists must do every day, it can really take a toll on their bodies from sitting so long. Exercises that help to increase the fitness levels of dentists can be divided into aerobic exercises, which concentrate on stretching their muscles. This helps to fight against tight muscles that can lead to bigger problems, such as arthritis, further down the road.

Stretching Before Work

Dentists can get more exercise and decrease risks for tighter joints and repetitive movements by doing some basic stretches before they sit down to conduct procedures or treatments, such as root canals or wisdom teeth removal that requires them to be seated for long periods of time. Repetitive forces will especially lead to micro trauma that triggers the inflammatory process and will result in swelling. This happens because of the lack of rest periods that the body needs to repair itself, so stretching before procedures and resting the body for a while after will help greatly.

Prolonged, Awkward Postures

One of the main problems that dentists face when it comes to being strained, is their awkward posture while conducting treatments and procedures. Persisting awkward posture will lead to discomfort, disability, pain and muscle necrosis. This facilitates the overall development of musculoskeletal problems and disorders.

Muscle imbalances that go hand in hand with poor posture and awkward positions will lead to the muscles becoming more tense. This will cause joint hypo mobility and muscle ischemia and will alter the biomechanics. This will result further to muscle tightness and weakness in specific areas, such as the arms, so daily stretches should be a mandatory part of the daily routine at the office to avoid such problems.

Dentists and Exercising

It’s extremely important that dentists get enough exercise before and after work, sometimes even during. For example, if he or she has sat in an awkward position for a long period of time, at least over an hour or two, it’s important that they stretch afterward. Dentists have incredibly busy schedules because of the amount of patients that they have, but it’s almost incredibly important that they make time for exercise.

Dentists can get more exercise by taking a small amount of time from their day to practice some stretches so they can loosen themselves up, or even go out for a short run while they have some free time during the day. If not, going for a run or to the gym after work is very important to ensure that problems such as muscle necrosis do not develop over time.

Dentists can help themselves further by practicing proper posture whenever they can during prolonged procedures and treatments, incorporate stretches or a short run on their lunch break or at any time during the day and to remember that not practicing these can lead to serious problems. Dentists play an important part in our daily lives, they help to keep our mouth in top shape, so they need to be at the top of their game as well.