Smoking And Your Oral Health

smoking oral healthSmoking is known to reduce saliva flow, affect circulation and of course one of the most devastating effects of smoking is the development of oral cancer.

There have been recent studies to indicate that smoking may be one of the most significant factors in the development and accelerated progression of periodontal disease. It is also suggested the chemicals present in tobacco slow a patients’ recovery following periodontal treatment or any other type of oral surgery, and as such, makes the success of treatment less predictable.

Nasty side effects that you can expect if you smoke:

  • Sticky tar deposits or brown staining on the teeth
  • ‘Smoker’s palate’ – hard white palate
  • Delayed healing of the gums
  • Increased severity of gum disease
  • Bad breath
  • Black hairy tongue
  • Oral lesions – white patches in your mouth
  • Gum recession – the gums react by receding along the tooth root, exposing the root

The most significant preventive measure to stop these harmful effects is to stop smoking. When a person stops smoking, the risk of developing oral cancer reduces rapidly.

Quitting is difficult, however the team at Adams Dental are dedicated to providing whatever advice and support they can to help you quit smoking and restore your oral health.

While you are smoking we recommend scheduling visits with our dental hygienists every three months so we can constantly monitor your oral health and maintain your gum and surrounding soft tissue to an optimum level.

Contacting the Quitline on 131 848 will also significantly increase your chance of quitting for good.

Call (08) 8212 6335 today to discuss how we can help you with the effects of smoking and your oral health at our Adelaide CBD dental clinic.