Diabetes and Gum Disease

New research is suggesting a link between gum disease and diabetes. While it’s established that people with diabetes are more prone to developing gum disease, this new research implies that chronic gum disease may be a risk factor for diabetes.

Gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream and activate cells that produce inflammatory biological signals which have a destructive effect throughout the body. In the pancreas, the cells responsible for insulin (blood sugar) can be damaged or destroyed. Once this happens, it may trigger Type II diabetes — even in a healthy individual with no other risk factors for diabetes.

What if I already have Diabetes?
We recommend frequent dental examinations and regular visits with our dental hygienists. Diabetes sufferers are more prone to tooth decay and gum disease and therefore often spend more time in the care of our hygienists. Excellent home care (good brushing and flossing techniques) and regular hygiene maintenance are essential to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. You may also be advised on the use of home fluorides and tooth mousse or other medications if you are at risk of caries.

What is Tooth Mousse
Tooth Mousse is a topical crème that contains bio-available calcium and phosphate which is similar to that which is in saliva. It can help re-mineralise the tooth structure and prevent decay.

It may be used to:

  • treat white spot lesions on your teeth
  • help counteract complications of dry mouth
  • during orthodontics to prevent decay
  • treatment of fluorosis
  • aid in tooth sensitivity
  • prevent and treat erosion
  • prevention of caries from children to adults to the elderly
  • treat and prevent root surface caries
  • stabilise caries
  • prevent and treat caries of patients with special needs eg. undergoing chemotherapy

“It is often recommended you schedule your visits with our hygienists every 3 – 4 months so that we can constantly monitor your health.”

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